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Basecoop Cooperative (in formation, offshore)

Basecoop is a cooperative orientated to the common good that supports a non-profit economy that offers healthy basic goods and services in harmony with the environment and nature to meet the basic needs of people and animals.

Purpose of the cooperative

a) Establishment and support of cooperatives (Basemarket) which are producers and internet order retailers and which act as franchisor and procurement wholesale cooperative for organic supermarkets:
- Only healthy, biological or biodegradable products without packaging or only in biodegradable packaging;
- Local producers of such products can supply their products for sale.
b) Efforts to eliminate producer and distributor of harmful, polluting, genetically modified and non-biodegradable products through participation and takeover or market suppression as well as by establishing alternatives that make such products unnecessary.
c) Research, development and establishment of alternatives to harmful and environmentally harmful infrastructure. Exemption of infrastructure, in particular monopolistic infrastructure owned by profit-oriented companies, through participation and takeover or market suppression, then repatriation to public ownership (region, municipality, non-profit companies, consumer cooperatives). Establishment of infrastructure where it does not exist yet.
d) Supporting companies that want to establish the best possible environmental protection and to pay attention to the needs and health of the people, morality and fairness in the best possible way.
e) Support for non-harmful and environmentally non-damaging energy self-sufficiency and the production of renewable energy and healthy light, as well as efforts to eliminate unhealthy and environmentally harmful energy and light generation.
f) Support for the non-emergence, prevention and elimination of non-biodegradable waste and other environmentally harmful wastes, effluents and waste gases.

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